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Steel rod filter What role

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Steel rod filter has what role? Suction filter, high pressure pipe passing through the filter (A), high-pressure pipe line filter (B), reflux filters, these filters have a look at the loop filter and air filter role.
(1) Suction Filter: This filter is located in the pump suction pipeline, is filtered inside the tank of residual contaminants and pollutants entering through the air holes and protect the pump effect. However, in order to avoid pump cavitation, must pay full attention to the pressure loss, 100-200 purpose general use coarse metal mesh or notch wire material. Therefore, it is not to control the concentration of the pollution of the system of filters.
(2) high-pressure pipe passing through the filter (A): located in the pump outlet pipe protection pollutants into the system. Therefore, it is possible to control the system the concentration of pollutants. However, because it is a high-pressure charge of road subject to pulsation of the pump and pressure shocks, so that the material, strength of the filter element should be carefully considered.
(3) high-pressure pipe passing through the filter (B): in the system before installing this filter, in order to protect particularly sensitive to pollution hydraulic parts, also known as the terminal filter. And therefore it is more often than other filters filter granularity. Thus to be selected when using a large capacity. In addition to the components of the material, strength, and the same with (A) should give full consideration.
(4) was refluxed Filters: road located in the return line of the system, and its role is generated within the system, or invasion of contaminants before returning to the tank to capture. Therefore, it is the control system contamination concentration of the most effective and the most important filter. Although the low-pressure line, but according to the operating condition of the transmission can also occur pulsation or pressure shocks, so the component materials, the strength should give full consideration. Imported pumps
(5) the loop filter: oil return in the tank circulation on the road, the capacity of the system is large, so the requirements of stringent cleanliness requirements are often used, even if the system is not working, it can trap contaminants within the tank, Therefore, reducing the efficiency of pollution concentration. Further installation of the cooler, the cooling can be performed simultaneously, easy maintenance, etc.. But need to use special pumps and motors, and high cost.
(6) air filter: tank has prevented the pollutants due to changes in the fuel tank with the air mixed with the fuel tank. Steel rod filter accuracy to allow sufficient room for the filter is equal to or higher than the performance, capacity, and to prevent the hole blocking the fuel tank pressure becomes negative, causing pump cavitation. Particular attention to the harsh surroundings. Tel:0372 2256782  
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