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The important role of the salient features of the subway bolt in subway construction

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Subway anchor a subway station deep foundation pit slope protection and the tunnel reinforcement of special soil nails. The product consists of seamless steel pipe, shaped triangle wire profiled triangle wire in seamless steel pipe outer wall surround, welding, spiral-screw structure with cone six-party connection between the two anchor, hang-beam waist beam pallets nut fixed. In order to adapt to a variety of geological conditions, the screw head is designed to do the hardening process. The product structure is simple, low cost, market new technology and new technology, is a leading technology, national patent products.
Subway anchor listen to the name to know, must be used for the operation of the construction of the subway, indeed, subway anchor has played a significant role in the construction of the subway, many types of anchor, why not other types of rather than to use the subway anchor the job, because the subway anchor has a prominent feature. Pneumatic rivet gun graphite nitrate trivision
Bolting with traditional cross deep foundation pit supporting supporting and strand, steel noose, compared with the significant technical and economic superiority. Fully mechanized operation, without drilling, screwing directly, greatly improving the speed of construction. The bolting alternative to a horizontal support, reducing the construction obstacles, greatly expanded work space for subsequent mechanization engineering construction convenience. Tel:0372 2256782  
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