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Common heat treatment concept

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What is Heat-treatment in steel industries?

Heat-treatment is the process of heating and colling metals, using specific predetermined methods to obtain desired properties.

Common heat-treatment methods:

Normalizing: Heating steel or steel parts to an appropriate temperature above the critical point AC3 or ACM for a certain period of time and then cooling in the air to obtain a heat treatment process for pearlite-like structure.

Annealling : Heat the hypoeutectoid steel workpiece to 20-40 degrees above AC3, after holding it for a period of time, it is slowly cooled with the funace(or buried in sand or lime) to below 500 degrees and cooled in the air.

Quenching: A heat treatment processin which the steel is austenitized and cooled at an appropriate cooling rate to make the workpiece undergo martensite and other unstable structural transformations in the cross section or within a certain range

Tempering: The quenched workpiece is heated to an appropriate temperature below the critical point AC1 for a certain period of time, and then cooled by a method that meets the requirements to obtain the required structure and performance of the heat treatment process

What is QT?

QT is for Quenching and Tempering.

Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment uses multi- frequency heating in our heating furnace, which can overcome the weakness of single frequency heating to the curie point of inefficiency. At the same time, different heating depths of  different frequencies can make the bars heated in a short time. This is the technical guarantee of rapid heating.


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