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Continuous Thread Bolts in bolth civil and mining project applications

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LT Continuous Thread Bolts (CTB) have been designed to take the worry out of complex bolting applications in both civil and mining project applications.


This versatile bolt can be used for mining roof/rib support or in civil construction for tunneling and slope stabilization projects. LT Continuous Thread Bolts work much like tension rebar bolts, but with the added benefit of being threaded the entire length of the bar, thus allowing for more versatility if ground conditions or roof control plans change down the road. Typical installation requires simple common equipment for installation.


 Installation Procedures:

1. Drill hole at proper diameter and depth

2. Make hole depth 1" longer than the bolt

3. Insert appropriate resin cartridge

4. Insert CTB and bearing plate to within 1/16" to 1/19" of the roof line

5. Rotate CTB bolt to ensure complete mixing of resin

6. Stop rotation, hold bolt in place for specified resin set time

7. Torque CTB bolt to pre-determined torque value in accordance with approved roof/ground control plan



-Deep excavation support

-Roof and wall support

-Rock bolting

-Slope stabilization

-Soil nailing


Material Specification:

Bar Diameter: 19 22 25 28 32 35mm;

Min Yield Strength, Rel: 600MPa, 700MPa, 785MPa, 830MPa, or technical requirements;

Min Tensile Strength, Rm: 750MPa, 850MPa, 930MPa, 1030MPa, or technical requirements;

Min Elongation Rate After Fracture, A %:  19;

Min Elongation Rate Under Maximum Force, Agt %: 9

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